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CHANGES in bvi 1.3.0 BVI

  • In the configure script you can use --with-ncurses option to configure to specify an alternate search path for Ncurses outside the normal include/lib search path.

  • A make uninstall option has been added

  • A bmore program has been added. It acts like the BSD - text - more, but for binary files.

    Additional command line options:

    -a   ASCII mode
    Additional (changed) Commands:
    v   does not invoke vi but bvi
    w   invokes bvi with only that portion of the file which is displayed on the screen.
  • New in bvi:
    • You can edit now Block Special Files too.
    • You can read - edit - write files partly.
    • New Command line options:
      -b begin \
      -e end    > for partial file read
      -s size  /

      begin, end or size can be an integer value (decimal or hexadecimal) or an integer value with an appended k (for multiply by 1024) or m (for multiply by 1.048.576).
    • :e# bug fixed
    • Debian bug #68436 (Buffer overflow in io.c) fixed

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Last update: October 12th 2000 by Gerhard Bürgmann, Purkersdorf/Austria