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Welcome to the
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Here you can find all the informations about bvi you need.

The bvi is a display-oriented editor for binary files (hex editor), based on the vi texteditor. If you are familiar with vi, just start the editor and begin to edit! A bmore program is also included in the package.
If you never heard about vi, maybe bvi is not the best choice for you.

Current stable version: 1.4.0

You can download source and compiled versions from the download page.

Mailing List (very low traffic):

To join this list, simply send a blank email to You will receive a subscription confirmation message. Simply reply this message and your subscription will be complete.
Bvi was developed by Gerhard Bürgmann and is published under the GNU Public License. Current stable version is 1.4.0. Bvi is running on most UNIX - like operating systems and on MSDOS.

If you want to contact me:
Gerhard Bürgmann, Vienna ( Purkersdorf ) / Austria / Europe
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Page updated: October 8th 2014 by Gerhard Bürgmann